It is a User based Client-Server Data security and monitoring system which supports with Windows XP Professional 32 & 64 bit, Windows 2000 32 & 64 bit, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2007, Windows Vista 32 & 64 bit. It controls all Mass Storage devices like Removable drives, CD-Rom, Floppy disc, Communication devices and hard disk of the Client system.

Functionality of Sniper IT

It consists of two components - Sniper Server and Sniper Client. The entire Security Intelligence is put to the central administration in Sniper Server.

Server Functionality

It controls all the Mass Storage and Communication devices. It shows the registered Client Status.

Client Functionality

The Sniper Client is installed in the systems connected to the network. The Storage and Communication devices are removed except the OS. It auto connects to the server.

Screen View Options

The entire Client details can be viewed and registered (Client details such as Host Name, User Name, IP Address, Work group).
The Client can be identified with an Alias name, further sorting and searching options are available with special online and offline Coloring mode.

Event Viewer

Any Mass Storage device in the Client system is blocked by the Sniper Client and is highlighted in the Event Viewer of the server, with a beep sound. The Access Allowed/Denied to Users can be viewed. The User status can be differentiated with Coloring options.

Screen Management

Can View and Control all Mass Storage & Communication devices.

Special Features

A. Screen Surveillance: The Client Screen can be viewed and captured.
B. Recording: The Content captured can be recorded.
C. Send Alert: Alert messages can be sent to the Client system as a warning.
D. Log off/Shut down/Restart: If the User does not respond to the Alert Message sent by the Administrator, the System can be Shutdown /Logged off or restarted.
E. View Task Manager List: The List of Applications running in the Client system can be viewed.
F. Kill Running Process:
The Unauthorized Applications viewed in the Client system can be killed. Client -System Info This feature enables to view the System Details of the Client.
Memory, Ram, Hard disk, CD-Rom, Monitor, Bias, Battery, Mother Board Processor, Start Up Programs.

Report and Watch list

Some of the Reports that can be generated are: Device Permission Allotted/Date, System Switched On, Client – Connected list, etc. One of the most unique features is that, Surveillance can be done on Nine Systems in a single screen by the Admin in Sniper Server simultaneously. Client systems can be system can be altered and further recording of particular Client system can be done as a Video.


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